Blogger Profile: Southern Oregon Wine Blog

Chris Jiron is our last student blogger, who will be completing his Enology degree this summer from the Northwest Viticulture Center in Salem, Oregon.  Chris currently writes about his experiences in Southern Oregon for Southern Oregon Wine blog, and also sharing his journey of starting his own wine label on his second wine blog, Wineopreneurs.

It is Chris’ mission to educate wine enthusiasts about the undiscovered areas of southern Oregon, which is the lesser known step sister to Willamette and an up and coming area in its own right.  As a Millenial, Chris is fully integrated with social media, and looks forward tot he WBC to add to his current toolbox and learn new ideas from us Gen Xers, as well as traditional wine writers and industry pros.

We look forward to hearing Chris’ perspective as a newly educated wino, and how his new project is coming!

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Donor Profile: Lisa de Bruin – Wine Diver Girl

Lisa de Bruin is Wine Diver Girl, a blogger and wine sales professional for Hahn Family Wines.  An influential voice for new media and social media participation from the winery, she has been a cheerleader for wine bloggers in the industry.  Lisa loves diving, running, travelling, wine, and life in the Napa Valley.

She represents the best of the industry, where social media and the power of community can be used to not only sell wine but propel and individual in to new career paths.  We miss her blogging and tweeting, but wish Lisa every success in her wine sales career!

Thanks for your support, and keep up the great work!  please follow Lisa on twitter, and check out her blog.  Maybe we can get her back online soon!

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Blogger Profile: Art Predator / Wine Predator

Gwendolyn Alley is our most prolific blogger applicant.  With four active blogs that cover a wide range of topics from wine to bicycle culture, she puts pen to paper to talk about her adventures in California. As a college writing teacher, she teaches about how to write your experiences down in meaningful ways.  Writing about her adventures in wine on Wine Predator, she tells us what she is drinking and learning through her stories and video posts about the people that produce the wine, the land they come from and the wine itself.

As a WBC veteran, Gwendolyn will be a great asset to the new attendees to find out what she learned at the last 2 American WBCs as well as the European WBC.  How can we transition what she’s learned in to action items?  She is an established blogger who is excited about bringing the WBC to those who will not be in attendance, and write about the event from a literary angle.  We look forward to having you!

Please check out Gwendolyn’s blogs and follow her on TWITTER:

Art Predator

Wine Predator

The Write Alley


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Donor Profile: Mounts Family Winery

Mounts Family Winery has been growing premium wine grapes for over 50 years, tucked away in a quiet corner of Dry Creek Valley.  From the vineyard to the bottle, quality through sacrifice is thier mission in creating delicious zinfandel, syrah, viognier, petite sirah and grenache!  There are many more wines worthy of discovery here on thier hillstop estate waiting to be tasted.

They have been welcoming to those of us in the blogging community and are active in social media and see how these new tools can help spread the word about thier wines.  I’ve been going to the winery since before I became a blogger, and fellow writers like Sonadora have been touting the merits of this hidden gem as well.  Mounts is known for their great events, including Passport to Dry Creek, and the wonderful themes they create.  Be careful, you might be asked to belly dance!

We appreciate your support and look forward to enjoying more of your juice!  If you’re in Dry Creek, please take a moment to stop by and say hi to Lana & Dave on Vine Creek Road.  You won’t be sorry!  Check them out on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest news too.

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Blogger Profile 5: Well Red, White, and Rose

Erika Szymanski is the second student scholarship winner. This month, she began the PhD graduate program in Enology at Washington State University, where she will concentrate on microbial enology. She is new to wine blogging, but has combined her love of wine and love of writing in to her blog, Well Red, White, and Rose. where she expands on her tasting notes and prepares for the career of an academic.

Erika calls herself a serious amateur, and spends her time preparing for the PhD program by learning the details of winemaking from a scientific perspective. As writing is a large part of any academics career, she will be able to write about wine and continue her education. Erika looks forward to attending the conference to expand her local angle, and build a network on contacts while learning more about the art of blogging on her blog,

We look forward to meeting you!

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Donor Profile: Academy of Wine Communications

The Academy of Wine Communications was founded in 1994 with the express goal of supporting food & wine writers and the art of wine writing.  As the methods by which writers have changed to encompass

blogging and social media, new tools and techniques continue to develop and the AWC embraces them whenever possible.  Members of the AWC see the emergence of wine blogs as an exciting new medium and wish to support bloggers in their endeavors.Members of the Academy of Wine Communications are wine and food public relations and marketing professionals.

The AWC has been instrumental in supporting writers of all kinda, and specifically bloggers.  Today, they provide it’s membership a means to network with colleagues; to meet key members of the media; hone and update their media lists; and learn classic and innovative marketing and public relations techniques.  We salute you AWC and appreciate your support!

Our friends Michael Wangbickler (twitter) of Caveman Wines & Balzac Communications, and Lisa Adams Walter (twitter) of Adams Walter Communications serve as Directors and represent the AWC at large.  Please follow the AWC on Twitter, as well as Michael and Lisa.

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Blogger Profile 4 – Beau’s Barrel Room

Beau Carufel is a hard working blogger from San Diego.  His blog, Beau’s Barrel Room, is a great place to catch up and read in depth reviews and analysis on a wide variety of wine subjects.  Beau grew up in the wine business, but only started blogging in october of 2009.  Growing up in the wine business, Beau gained a passion for wine, and loves its complexity, beauty, and it’s ability to stimulate our senses.

Beau’s Barrel Room allows him to write not only about the wines he drinks, but the wine life he lives.  Wine has become his passion and the blog has become and important way of expressing himself.  Beau feels that wine has given him a direction and tangible goal in life to express himself; growing up in the industry can make you a bit nonplussed by its pleasures and he has recently realized his love of the juice.  Writing his blog allows him to get one step closer to his goal, to be immersed in everything wine.

As a newer blogger, he is looking forward to attending the WBC to learn from more experienced bloggers, get fresh ideas, and network with some 300 bloggers and industry people from around the world.  This will be his first Wine Bloggers Conference, but also his first social networking & wine event he’s attended.  We look forward to seeing you in Walla Walla and sharing some insights about blogging, and hearing from you about growing up wine!

Take a look at his blog, and give him a shout on Twitter!

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Donor Profile: Melissa Dobson

Melissa Dobson is a social media mentor, and strategist for wineries and small businesses. Social media is a passion of Melissa’s, and she will talk you through the basics or help you keep your fans engaged with creativee ideas to make your posts and pages dynamic.  Melissa loves to focus on small boutique wineries and businesses to help them develop social media strategies and stand out amongst the crowd!  Some of her clients include the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship sponsors Vin65, and Wark Communications, as well as Haber Family VineyardsFinger Lakes Wine Country Tourism Marketing AssociationFinger Lakes Wine Alliance, and Specialty Wine Retailers Association.

She also writes the blog Family, Love, Wine from her home in the Finger Lakes region of New York, where she enthusiastically writes about local wines and happenings!

Thank you Melissa, for your continuing support – we look forward to seeing you again at the WBC!  You can follow Melissa on twitter at @melissadobson as well.





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Blogger profile #3: The Vino File

Scott Wadlow started The Vino File in January of this year, and is breaking in to wine blogging with a bang.  The Vino File is a wine blog from a novice wine lover who is learning to become an expert, and enjoying the path amongst the vines through his creative outlet on the blog.  The Vino File is an educational journey through wine, and really shows the passion of a young wine drinker as he discovers the beauty of the bottle.

Scott is excited to join us at the Wine Bloggers Conference this year, where he, as a new blogger, can learn how to hone his quality and delivery on The Vino File.  He is also excited to be a part of such an important and growing genre.  We’re looking forward to having you in Walla Walla, and sharing information!

Please take a moment to say hello via Twitter and follow his blog!

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Donor Profile 2: Hahn Family Wines

Hahn Family Wines has been one of the movers and shakers in social media when it comes to winery involvement.  with Lisa de Bruin (@winedivergirl)  and Philip Woodrow (@hahnwines & @philular) heading the charge, they have becoming a leader in social media interaction.  As Bill Legion, President of Hahn Family Estates said last year,

The blogging community is a vital part of the future of the industry. We are using our vineyards (and the wine) because that’s who we are. I believe that the more the blogging community learns about wine, the better it is for all of us. The internet and Social Media allow you to establish a relationship and an emotional connection to someone that I have never met face to face. It allows me to create connections with multiple people in multiple countries simultaneously and in a very personal way.

Hahn Family Wines is located in the Santa Lucia Highlands, in California’s central coast.  They are inspired to elevate Monterey wines to the highest levels of quality, and make wines that are special and distinct.  One of the things that makes Hahn special is that they create wines at every level, from “Banned in ‘Bama Cycles Gladiator – which has been the subject of quite some controversy due to its rather racy label (well racy if you’re from the Bible Belt and no sense of humor) which is budget friendly and conservative Alabama riot inciting, to the Lucienne single vineyard Pinot Noirs – Hahn wines are there for everyone.

Thank you Hahn for your continuing support for the WBC Scholarship and your contributions to social media, not to mention your love of bloggers!  I am looking forward to my 1 year old Pinot noir vine’s birthday this weekend!

Editor’s Note: Last year, several California bloggers were invited to participate in a unique opportunity to plant our own vines in a special Bloggers Block at the winery in the Santa Lucia Highlands.  This experience allowed the attendees to learn detailed information about the vineyard from the vineyard manager and staff, but also see and taste the local terroir from grape to glass with winemaker Paul Clifton.  Stay tuned for the update soon!

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