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Donor Profile: Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

Debbie Lessner-Gioquindo is the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess!  Growing up in the Hudson Valley, she became interest in wine in the late 90s.  Through the years, she has learned a lot about wine, and meandered much of the world’s wine country.  through her blog, Debbie shares her knowledge, and focuses on the oldest wine region in the US – the Hudson Valley. Debbie loves to spotlight this region to bring attention to an overlooked area.  Last year, she brought some of the areas wines to Sonoma, so us west coasters could taste the history and unique wines of the region.

Debbie is a great supporter of social media, and while we will miss her greatly at the WBC this year (something about a kid graduating from high school), she will be following along on twitter and our blogs.

Please say hi on TWITTER and visit her blog to learn about the Hudson Valley!

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Blogger Profile: Passionate Foodie

Richard Auffrey is a Passionate Foodie, wino, and sake lover!  He currently writes for his blog, as well as local newspaper, while also teaching wine education classes.  Being a certified Spanish wine educator, Richard will be a great resource for us!  Richard is a prolific blogger, with over 2000 posts to date, which range from cider to sake, and are always interesting.

This will be Richard’s first WBC, and he is looking forward to the opportunity to meet in real life, many bloggers that he has built relationships with online.  He is also looking forward to trying the wine s of the Walla Walla area, and learning more about Washington wine country.  He will bring another East Coast body to the conference, as well as a foodie perspective, which will highlight the wine and food pairing we will be participating in.

Please take a moment to say hi to Richard on TWITTER and check out his blog, Passionate Foodie!

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Blogger Profile: Notes from the Cellar

In Steve’s own words:

In the seemingly-limitless journey that is a life enjoying wine,
sometimes roadsigns are roadblocks, and other times we need wayfinding
markers along the way, illuminating our path like the
nigh-indestructible lights that line airport runways. In the
time-honored tradition of the blind leading the blind, I do my best to
keep from steering people off cliffs as we travel–together–along the
vine-lined pathways of existence. So, yeah, in other words, I review

His blog, Notes from the Cellar, Notes From The Cellar is Steve’s personal journal of tasting notes and wine reviews, where he explores his passion.  Like many of us wine bloggers, he is a tech geek software developer, and spends his time and resources seeking out wines that inspire him.  His latest project, which pairs wines with TV shows of the 80s is sure to have you in stitches, particularly if you are of Generation X who grew up with these shows.

Steve’s motto is to taste a lot of wine, good bad and downright scary, and post the ugly truth on his blog as often as possible.  In a world where there have been questionable ethics, Steve pushes for honesty and detailed critiques, making his blog one of the go to resources for information for many wine lovers.

Steve started blogging about in 2009, an d wasn’t able to attend the previous Wine Bloggers Conference.  As he supports his wife’s path through graduate schoool, and (like most of us) does not get paid for his blogging efforts, he was unable to attend the WBC this year without your support.  Please stop by and visit Notes from the Cellar, and follow Steve on TWITTER.  This will be Steve’s first Wine Bloggers Conference, and he is very excited to share information and techniques with bloggers with some time under their belt, professional writers, and wine lovers of all persuasions.

See you in Walla Walla Steve!

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Blogger Profile: Southern Oregon Wine Blog

Chris Jiron is our last student blogger, who will be completing his Enology degree this summer from the Northwest Viticulture Center in Salem, Oregon.  Chris currently writes about his experiences in Southern Oregon for Southern Oregon Wine blog, and also sharing his journey of starting his own wine label on his second wine blog, Wineopreneurs.

It is Chris’ mission to educate wine enthusiasts about the undiscovered areas of southern Oregon, which is the lesser known step sister to Willamette and an up and coming area in its own right.  As a Millenial, Chris is fully integrated with social media, and looks forward tot he WBC to add to his current toolbox and learn new ideas from us Gen Xers, as well as traditional wine writers and industry pros.

We look forward to hearing Chris’ perspective as a newly educated wino, and how his new project is coming!

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Blogger Profile: Art Predator / Wine Predator

Gwendolyn Alley is our most prolific blogger applicant.  With four active blogs that cover a wide range of topics from wine to bicycle culture, she puts pen to paper to talk about her adventures in California. As a college writing teacher, she teaches about how to write your experiences down in meaningful ways.  Writing about her adventures in wine on Wine Predator, she tells us what she is drinking and learning through her stories and video posts about the people that produce the wine, the land they come from and the wine itself.

As a WBC veteran, Gwendolyn will be a great asset to the new attendees to find out what she learned at the last 2 American WBCs as well as the European WBC.  How can we transition what she’s learned in to action items?  She is an established blogger who is excited about bringing the WBC to those who will not be in attendance, and write about the event from a literary angle.  We look forward to having you!

Please check out Gwendolyn’s blogs and follow her on TWITTER:

Art Predator

Wine Predator

The Write Alley


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Blogger Profile 5: Well Red, White, and Rose

Erika Szymanski is the second student scholarship winner. This month, she began the PhD graduate program in Enology at Washington State University, where she will concentrate on microbial enology. She is new to wine blogging, but has combined her love of wine and love of writing in to her blog, Well Red, White, and Rose. where she expands on her tasting notes and prepares for the career of an academic.

Erika calls herself a serious amateur, and spends her time preparing for the PhD program by learning the details of winemaking from a scientific perspective. As writing is a large part of any academics career, she will be able to write about wine and continue her education. Erika looks forward to attending the conference to expand her local angle, and build a network on contacts while learning more about the art of blogging on her blog,

We look forward to meeting you!

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Blogger Profile 4 – Beau’s Barrel Room

Beau Carufel is a hard working blogger from San Diego.  His blog, Beau’s Barrel Room, is a great place to catch up and read in depth reviews and analysis on a wide variety of wine subjects.  Beau grew up in the wine business, but only started blogging in october of 2009.  Growing up in the wine business, Beau gained a passion for wine, and loves its complexity, beauty, and it’s ability to stimulate our senses.

Beau’s Barrel Room allows him to write not only about the wines he drinks, but the wine life he lives.  Wine has become his passion and the blog has become and important way of expressing himself.  Beau feels that wine has given him a direction and tangible goal in life to express himself; growing up in the industry can make you a bit nonplussed by its pleasures and he has recently realized his love of the juice.  Writing his blog allows him to get one step closer to his goal, to be immersed in everything wine.

As a newer blogger, he is looking forward to attending the WBC to learn from more experienced bloggers, get fresh ideas, and network with some 300 bloggers and industry people from around the world.  This will be his first Wine Bloggers Conference, but also his first social networking & wine event he’s attended.  We look forward to seeing you in Walla Walla and sharing some insights about blogging, and hearing from you about growing up wine!

Take a look at his blog, and give him a shout on Twitter!

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Donor Profile: Melissa Dobson

Melissa Dobson is a social media mentor, and strategist for wineries and small businesses. Social media is a passion of Melissa’s, and she will talk you through the basics or help you keep your fans engaged with creativee ideas to make your posts and pages dynamic.  Melissa loves to focus on small boutique wineries and businesses to help them develop social media strategies and stand out amongst the crowd!  Some of her clients include the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship sponsors Vin65, and Wark Communications, as well as Haber Family VineyardsFinger Lakes Wine Country Tourism Marketing AssociationFinger Lakes Wine Alliance, and Specialty Wine Retailers Association.

She also writes the blog Family, Love, Wine from her home in the Finger Lakes region of New York, where she enthusiastically writes about local wines and happenings!

Thank you Melissa, for your continuing support – we look forward to seeing you again at the WBC!  You can follow Melissa on twitter at @melissadobson as well.





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Blogger profile #3: The Vino File

Scott Wadlow started The Vino File in January of this year, and is breaking in to wine blogging with a bang.  The Vino File is a wine blog from a novice wine lover who is learning to become an expert, and enjoying the path amongst the vines through his creative outlet on the blog.  The Vino File is an educational journey through wine, and really shows the passion of a young wine drinker as he discovers the beauty of the bottle.

Scott is excited to join us at the Wine Bloggers Conference this year, where he, as a new blogger, can learn how to hone his quality and delivery on The Vino File.  He is also excited to be a part of such an important and growing genre.  We’re looking forward to having you in Walla Walla, and sharing information!

Please take a moment to say hello via Twitter and follow his blog!

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Blogger Profile – Wineing Woman

Amanda Maynard is the Wineing Woman.  She has been involved in wine since she could legally drink it, and currently writes her blog from the Boston area.  Contrary to most 21 year olds, Amanda spend her legal drinking age studying for the WSET, and learning about wine.

After the first WSET class, Amanda fell in to the wine industry and is loving life and learning a lot.  One of my favorite things about her is that as young wine lover, she is still learning and will never be done learning about wine.  She blogs about what she knows, and as a 24 year old, she is constantly learning more and as a result her blog is full of discoveries and excitement.  As a young professional in the industry, she will offer a unique perspective at the WBC from both a blogging and industry angle.

She is excited about the Wine Bloggers Conference, for the wealth of opportunity it affords bloggers, new and old.  She says that being amongst her fellow wine bloggers will help inspire her as a new blogger.  Being able to learn from more experienced bloggers and sharing ideas with all of the participating will expand her knowledge even more.  And then there is the wine!  Amanda is looking forward to expanding her wine knowledge with new regions, and exploring Washington wine will help her write more about the new wines.

We look forward to seeing you in Walla Walla Amanda!  Please take a moment to check out her blog and follow her on Twitter!

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