Blogger Profile: Notes from the Cellar

In Steve’s own words:

In the seemingly-limitless journey that is a life enjoying wine,
sometimes roadsigns are roadblocks, and other times we need wayfinding
markers along the way, illuminating our path like the
nigh-indestructible lights that line airport runways. In the
time-honored tradition of the blind leading the blind, I do my best to
keep from steering people off cliffs as we travel–together–along the
vine-lined pathways of existence. So, yeah, in other words, I review

His blog, Notes from the Cellar, Notes From The Cellar is Steve’s personal journal of tasting notes and wine reviews, where he explores his passion.  Like many of us wine bloggers, he is a tech geek software developer, and spends his time and resources seeking out wines that inspire him.  His latest project, which pairs wines with TV shows of the 80s is sure to have you in stitches, particularly if you are of Generation X who grew up with these shows.

Steve’s motto is to taste a lot of wine, good bad and downright scary, and post the ugly truth on his blog as often as possible.  In a world where there have been questionable ethics, Steve pushes for honesty and detailed critiques, making his blog one of the go to resources for information for many wine lovers.

Steve started blogging about in 2009, an d wasn’t able to attend the previous Wine Bloggers Conference.  As he supports his wife’s path through graduate schoool, and (like most of us) does not get paid for his blogging efforts, he was unable to attend the WBC this year without your support.  Please stop by and visit Notes from the Cellar, and follow Steve on TWITTER.  This will be Steve’s first Wine Bloggers Conference, and he is very excited to share information and techniques with bloggers with some time under their belt, professional writers, and wine lovers of all persuasions.

See you in Walla Walla Steve!


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