Donor Profile: Cleavage Creek Winery

Cleavage Creek Cellars is a unique business that was founded on the philosophy that with enough money, energy,a dn passion, we can find a cure for breast cancer.  Budge Brown was a successful businessman and farmer, when he lost his wife Arlene to the disease.  From this tragedy, budge took action.

In 2007, the first Cleavage Creek wine was released, to national and international acclaim.  With bottles that feature images of breast cancer survivors, each bottle tells a story.  Ten percent of the gross profits are donated to the cause, which has been over $70,000 to date which has gone to establish an oncology research center, assist in medical bills, and capital equipment purchases.  It doesn’t hurt that the wine is pretty damn good too.

The team at cleavage Creek works tirelessly to spread the message about breast cancer,b ut they have also been very active in social media, which has been a powerful tool in sharing their mission.  They are engaging, active, and funny – which allows them a seat in the inner circle of wine bloggers and wine community members in social media.

We salute you and your efforts to wipe out a disease that should never be a death sentence!  Kind readers, please consider purchasing some of these eight different wines to support their cause.  Please follow them on TWITTER and read more about Budge Brown and Cleavage Creek on their website!  Thanks for your support!



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2 responses to “Donor Profile: Cleavage Creek Winery

  1. Missy

    Glad you gave a shout out to the good people at Cleavage Creek. What they are doing to fight breast cancer is magnificent. Corporate America could take a lesson from this operation. Their wines are very good as they have won numerous medals in respected competitions.

    Thanks Cleavage Creek and the Wine Bloggers Conference for highlighting inspirational causes.

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