Blogger Profile 4 – Beau’s Barrel Room

Beau Carufel is a hard working blogger from San Diego.  His blog, Beau’s Barrel Room, is a great place to catch up and read in depth reviews and analysis on a wide variety of wine subjects.  Beau grew up in the wine business, but only started blogging in october of 2009.  Growing up in the wine business, Beau gained a passion for wine, and loves its complexity, beauty, and it’s ability to stimulate our senses.

Beau’s Barrel Room allows him to write not only about the wines he drinks, but the wine life he lives.  Wine has become his passion and the blog has become and important way of expressing himself.  Beau feels that wine has given him a direction and tangible goal in life to express himself; growing up in the industry can make you a bit nonplussed by its pleasures and he has recently realized his love of the juice.  Writing his blog allows him to get one step closer to his goal, to be immersed in everything wine.

As a newer blogger, he is looking forward to attending the WBC to learn from more experienced bloggers, get fresh ideas, and network with some 300 bloggers and industry people from around the world.  This will be his first Wine Bloggers Conference, but also his first social networking & wine event he’s attended.  We look forward to seeing you in Walla Walla and sharing some insights about blogging, and hearing from you about growing up wine!

Take a look at his blog, and give him a shout on Twitter!


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