Over 300 wine bloggers, food bloggers, and industry representatives think that the third annual Wine Bloggers Conference is important!  The conference sold out in record time, and there is now a waiting list.
What this means for the scholarship is that we will have to close applications early, in order to allocate the 10 spaces we reserved for scholarship recipients ASAP since they are going to be very much in demand this year.
So, for all of you Wine Bloggers that are applying for a scholarship, the deadline is TOMORROW!  That’s Friday April 9th. I will however give you the weekend to get your apps in, since this is very short notice.  We will be allocating the funds next week, on a merit basis and you will be notified if you are awarded a scholarship.
We still desperately need your help and donations!  We are not currently able to fund every request that came in; there are currently 13 scholarship applications on deck.  The committee will need to make some difficult decisions over the weekend, and without your generous support, we will be unable to fulfill all of their wishes.
Please note that we now have some cool offers of support coming in from the field.  Please tune in to Wine Biz Radio FRIDAY April 9th to find out what the special offers are!
And please, keep those donations coming.


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