Here little birdy!


I would like to thank our host hotel, The Flamingo Hotel & Resort. for putting up a pack of wild wine bloggers for a 2nd year in a row.  Say what you will about the location discussion, The Flamingo did a fantastic job hosting us last year and has also been helpful this year.  Given that the WBC Scholarship Fund is trying to

stretch resources to make sure all bloggers who want to attend the WBC can attend the WBC, The Flamingo has helped us find rooms and work within our budgets.

Additionally, despite an...interesting…stay during Barrel Tasting, when security was apparently called at 11pm because we were talking (grrrr), last summer’s stay and another recent stay for Passport to Dry Creek were very nice experiences indeed.  During Passport, we were warmly greeted with a great sense of humor, and had a great stay.  Thanks to some help from Inside Sonoma, we scored a Deluxe

Double room for a great rate, and had a centrally located hotel, that we knew and were happy with.

The Flamingo has a long history in Sonoma County.  Startin gin 1959, the hotel was known to be the place to go by the Hollywood set, when visiting Northern California.  Movies stars (like Jayne Mansfield below) often lounged by the pool and were seen being seen.

The outFlamingo Signside might appear to be a bit dated, which can either add or take away from its charm depending on the audience, but hte rooms are fully modern and fully comfortable.  The Historical Landmark was orignially designed to be a replica of the Las Vegas

Flamingo icon, dsigned by George Vernon Russell, a well known modernist architech of the 50s.

The Scholarship Committee thanks The Flamingo for thier support!



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2 responses to “Here little birdy!

  1. Wow, this is a great opportunity. In this troubled economic times, it will be of great help to those who would like to attend but their finances do not allow it.

    Unfortunately for me, because of scheduling conflicts, I will miss it again this year. I have a friend who attended last year and loved it. Hopefully next year I will be there.


  2. Thanks Maria!

    Sorry we’ll miss you this year, but hopefully we’ll see you next year!

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